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Getting Out Of A Creative Funk

A few weeks ago I posted the image above on Instagram and Facebook, you can view it on my Facebook page here. At the time of that post I was in a super creative funk for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I wasn’t feeling very creative, I wasn’t motivated to go out and shoot anything, I wasn’t motivated to process any of the images sitting on my hard drive and when I did try any of the above it all felt very forced and uninspired. I posted the photo of Antelope Canyon from a trip to Arizona and Utah in April of last year with two friends of mine. While on the trip the energy and excitement was palpable, I was feeling so inspired seeing all of the magical places for my first time. Now months later at home I’m trying to process these images and life keeps dragging me down and I don’t can’t find the drive to put the energy needed into these images. To me, when I sat back and looked at the final image it felt absolutely forced and way overdone! This didn’t help the mindset…