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Nature First, Photography Second

I've had a love of nature ever since I was little, I remember running around in the woods near where I grew up in Indiana. My grandparents had an old school pop-up camper that served as our base camp every summer at the local state park. My love of nature never left me, if anything it's only grown stronger as an adult. I've learned to love and appreciate the wonders that natural world brings. I've also learned as an adult how much physical and mental health benefits come from spending time in nature can have on me. When I started my photography journey several years ago, it really was just another excuse to spend more time out in the wild places I love and to visit places I've had on my to do list for a long time. From day one, it's always been about enjoying nature first and photography comes second. I've "missed" getting many good images because of my respect for the natural world. If getting a shot meant going into a sensitive area, trampling f…